In episode 55 we take a look back at two action-filled and mythology-filled episodes from season 6 of LOST, “Lighthouse” and “Sundown.”

In our conversation about “Lighthouse” we discuss our first impressions when it is revealed that Jack has a son named David and his flash sideways story mirrors his on-island comments to Hurley about being a bad father. We discuss Jacob’s messages to Hurley and how this episode will be a turning point for Jack. We also talk about the new information we learned about the temple people and very interesting scenes we had of Claire and her squirrel baby.

In our discussion of “Sundown” we talk about the great themes involving Sayid and his desire to prove that he is not the bad man that people think he is. We talk about the great fight scenes of Sayid vs. Dogan and Sayid vs. Keamy. We share some of our opinions that have changed since the first time we saw this episode, the great dialogue and manipulation by the man in black, and the resurgence of Ilana’s team.

Next up we continue LOST season 6 with “Dr. Linus” and “Recon.”

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