In episode 54 we dig deeper into the final season of LOST by taking a look back at season 6 episode 3 & 4, “What Kate Does” and “The Substitute.”

As we discuss “What Kate Does” we point out some of the ways that the writers and producers tied in characters from the previous stories into the flash sideways world. We also discuss similarities in how Kate found herself once again with Claire as Claire goes into labor. We share our favorite moments from the flash sideways stories as well as the on-island story that is following team Jack. We discuss the strange developments surrounding Sayid, and the mystery of Dogan. We also talk about Sawyer’s decision to leave the temple, and his brokenness as he continues to mourn the loss of Juliet.

In our discussion about “The Substitute” we cover the flash sideways story of John Locke. We talk about the differences and similarities of this world and the previous stories and we take a few minutes to take some verbal punches and Locke’s boss, Randy. We also discuss the on-island story of Man in Black and he begins to try and recruit those on the island to his side. We talk about what the recruitment means, throw out some questions to the listeners, and talk about Sawyer’s decision to leave the island with the Man in Black.

Next up we continue LOST season 6 with “Lighthouse” and “Sundown.”

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