In episode 53 we enter into the home stretch of our LOST rewatch podcast and begin LOST season 6 with the two-part season premiere, “LA X” Part 1 and “LA X” Part 2.

In our discuss of “LA X” we share some of the memories we had when we watched the episode for the first time and tried to figure out what was going on in the flash sideways stories. We discuss many of the plain and subtle differences in our characters in the flash sideways vs. the original story, and talk about how the story is different to us now that we know the ending.

In our discussion about the on island happenings, we talk about finally getting to see the temple and how we feel about the information that we were given and the new characters that were introduced. We also talk about Sayid and how he has been changed by the temple waters, what Jacob knew would happen and what is plan was with the Oceanic candidates.

We also talk about the story lines surrounding Man in Black, Ben, and Richard. We discuss insight that we gained from listening to the DVD commentary from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, and questions that we’re looking to answer as we rewatch LOST season 6.

Next up we continue LOST season 6 with “What Kate Does” and “The Substitute.”

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