In episode 49 of We Have To Go Back Podcast we take a look back at LOST season 5 episodes 11 & 12, “Whatever Happened, Happened” and “Dead is Dead.” In our look back at “Whatever Happened, Happened” we discuss the answers we were given about why Kate returned to the island and what she did after she left the marina. We discuss the character arc that Kate has been through since she first landed on the island on Oceanic 815, and how Kate, Jack, and Sawyer have all shown significant growth. We also talk about the time travel rules, whether or not Jack is responsible for making Ben into the Ben we all know and love to hate, and what we would have done if we were in Jack’s position.

In our discussion of “Dead is Dead” we discuss the great backstory that we were given about Widmore and Ben, the deceptive way that Man in Black is manipulating Sun and Ben, and we discuss the various clues that we can now see that reveal that Locke is really the Man in Black.

Next up we continue season 5 with “Some Like it Hoth” and “The Variable.”

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