In episode 48 of We Have To Go Back Podcast we take a look back at LOST season 5 episodes 9 & 10, “Namaste” and “He’s Our You.” In “Namaste” we see Sawyer, Juliet, and Jin work to help Jack, Hurley, and Kate blend in to the DHARMA Initiative, while trying to keep Sayid safe. Sayid, however, does not have any interest in joining up with the DHARMA Initiative. Radzinski thinks that Sayid has seen too much, and pushes to have him killed. Meanwhile, in 2007 Sun and Lapidus meet up with Christian Shepard and he tells them that Jin and the others are in 1977.

In “He’s Our You,” we see the events that led to Sayid getting on Ajira flight 316, and how he struggles with the reality that he is good at killing things. They take Sayid to the DHARMA torturer and he tells them the truth, but it’s too outrageous for them to actually believe. When Sayid sees an opportunity to kill a young Ben Linus, he sees that as his purpose for being brought back to the island.

Next up we continue season 5 with “Whatever Happened, Happened” and “Dead is Dead.”

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