In episode 41 of We Have To Go Back Podcast we take a look back at lost season 4 episode 9, “The Shape of Things to Come” and episode 10, “Something Nice Back Home.”

In “The Shape of Things to Come” we see a flashforward of Ben Linus off the island in Tunisia, in Iraq helping Sayid take vengeance on the man responsible for Nadia’s death, and then sneaking in to Charles Widmore’s apartment to threaten the life of Penny. On the island, the mercenaries attach the DHARMA cabins where Ben Linus is hiding. When Ben refuses to surrender to them, Alex is killed.

In “Something Nice Back Home” we see a flashforward of Jack and Kate living together and getting engaged. Jack is also told by Hurley that he is not supposed to raise him. On the island, Jack has to undergo emergency surgery to remove is appendix, and Claire mysteriously leaves during the night with her dad.

Next up, season 4 episode 11: “Cabin Fever.”

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