In episode 37 of We Have To Go Back Podcast we are starting season 4 of our LOST rewatch with episode 4×01, “The Beginning of the End” and episode 4×02, “Confirmed Dead.” The season picks up right were season 3 left of as the survivors of Oceanic 815 have made contact with a freighter that is 80 miles off shore of the island and they believe rescue is imminent.

In “The Beginning of the End” part of the survivors side with Locke and believe that the safest place for them to be is at the barracks. Other survivors side with Jack and head to the beach for rescue. In flashforward we see Hurley experience a mental breakdown after he sees Charlie. Charlie appears to Hurley again and tells him that “they” need him.

In “Confirmed Dead” we meet Frank, Miles, Daniel, and Charlotte, and learn a bit about them through a series of flashbacks. On the island, Jack and Kate work with Miles, Daniel, and Frank to arrange transport off the island, while Locke and his group head to the barracks. Locke’s group finds Charlotte, and Ben tries to kill her. Ben knows all about her and her friends because he has a man on their boat.

Next up, season 4 episodes 3 and 3: “The Economist” and “Eggtown.”

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