In We Have To Go Back Podcast episode 27 we take a look back at LOST season 3 episode 5, “The Cost of Living” and episode 6, “I Do.” In the Eko centric episode, “The Cost of Living,” we see more of his life before the crash of Oceanic 815.  We see him return to the village after his brother’s death and take on the duties of the town’s priest, and we see him kill 3 drug lords in the church as they confront him about trying to sell vaccine.  On the island, Eko’s brother, Yemi, appears to him and leads Eko on a quest that ultimately brings him face to face with the smoke monster and Eko’s eventual death.  On Hydra Island, Jack attends the funeral of Colleen, and Ben tries to get Jack to perform the surgery he needs to remove his spinal tumor and save his life.

In “I Do,” we see Kate’s genuine, but brief marriage to Kevin and the various events that caused her to leave him and run.  On the island, she tries to get Jack to perform surgery on Ben, and she and Sawyer share an intimate moment that ultimately causes Jack to perform the surgery.  However, as the procedure gets underway, Jack cuts Ben’s kidney sack, forcing the Others to release Kate and Sawyer if they want Ben to live.

Next up: “Not in Portland” & “Flashes Before Your Eyes.”

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