In episode 25 of We Have To Go Back Podcast we take a look back at LOST season 3 episode 1, “A Tale of Two Cities” and episode 2, “The Glass Ballerina.” In “A Tale of Two Cities” the story focuses on Kate, Jack, and Sawyer as they have been captured by the Others and placed in different locations.  Kate is given a dress and has breakfast with Ben, while Sawyer remains locked in a cage and tries to get food from a fish biscuit dispenser.  Meanwhile Jack is kept inside the Hydra station and meets the mysterious Juliet.  In a flashback we see the Others perspective of the plane crash of Oceanic flight 815.  In the off-island flashbacks we see the end of Jack and Sarah’s marriage, and Jack accuse his own father of being the man that Sarah is having an affair with.

In “The Glass Ballerina” the story shares the back story of Sun and her affair with Jae Lee, ending with Jae Lee jumping out a hotel window to his death.  On the island, Jin, Sun, and Sayid sail further around the island to try to send a message to Jack, but it puts them in a vulnerable position with the Others and Sun is nearly kidnapped when the Others steal the sailboat.  Meanwhile, Sawyer and Kate are forced into hard labor to build a runway, and Jack continues to be frustrated as he’s locked up in the Hydra station.

Next up: “Further Instructions” & “Every Man For Himself”

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