In episode 24 of We Have to Go Back Podcast we take a look back at the LOST season 2 finale, “Live Together, Die Alone.”  This episode gives us the first look back at how Desmond came to the island and what happened to him once he washed up on shore.  We also meet Desmond’s love, Penelope Widmore and her father, Charles Widmore.

As the tension between Mr. Eko and John Locke escalates, Locke locks Eko out of the Swan Hatch and sets in motion the events that will cause the hatch to encounter a system failure and force Desmond to use the fail safe key.  Sayid, Sun, and Jin will see the four-toed statue, Michael and Walt will escape the island, and Jack, Sawyer, and Kate are taken captive by the others.

We share our favorite moments of “Live Together, Die Alone” as well as our thoughts on the character development in Penny, Desmond, Charlie, Claire, Eko, Locke, and Michael.  We discuss a few interesting pieces of information about the four-toed statue, “Our Mutual Friend,” and more.  In our Lost in Literature segment, Emilee shares a review of Homer’s “Odyssey.”

Next up: “A Tale of Two Cities” and “The Glass Ballerina.”

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