What are the consequences of the villains getting their happy endings? The answer was illustrated beautifully in the season finale of Once Upon a Time last Spring. The Enchanted Forest was turned upside down. Regina was a Bandit trying to steal enough money to buy passage on a pirate ship. Rumpelstiltskin was the Savior of the realm. Snow was the Evil Queen who held Charming as her slave. In this reality no one knew the life they were leading was a lie. The musings of a demented Author.

Where was Henry? He was left all alone in Storybrooke. Where was the Savior, Emma Swan? Locked in a high tower. She was chained literally and figuratively. Steel held her to the floor and her mind held all the true memories but she was powerless to act. Henry finds the Author and together they journey to the Enchanted Forest. The Author tells Henry when the bell tolls at the end of the last chapter all of the stories written in the new book will be permanent. The Author believes that all the obstacles in this new reality will keep Henry from succeeding.

However, Henry believes in his family and will not give up. He enlists Hook to help save Emma but in this world Hook is weak and afraid. Regina does not believe Henry when he says he is her son. Without a strong ally Henry soldiers on. Upon breaking Emma out of the tower Henry is relieved that Emma’s memories are intact. Emma restores Hook’s faith in himself. Rumplestiltskin tells Snow that Henry must be stopped or the happy endings will be ruined. In a battle with Charming Hook is killed.

Regina does not really believe Henry but his persistence is making her wonder. Emma convinces Regina that she must take a chance on love. She tells Regina that love is a part of happiness and just witnessing the man she loved die brought that into focus. Emma tells Regina to run and stop Robin Hood’s wedding before it is too late. In a desperate attempt to remain a hero Rumplestiltskin tries to stop Henry with his sword. Regina jumps in front of Henry and takes the blow. Henry pleads with the Author to save his mom. The Author says he is powerless having broken the cardinal rule. Isaac the corrupt Author had written himself a happy ending. Henry sees the magical quill and it begins to glow. The new author has been chosen.

In the absence of magical ink Henry is frantic for a solution. Emma immediately offers her blood but in this world her power as a savior has been revoked. Regina having made the ultimate sacrifice for her son is the Savior now. Regina’s blood, the magic quill, and Henry’s words untangle the evil web woven by Isaac. Everything in Storybrooke is as it should be. Don’t roll the credits just yet! Peace never lasts long in Storybrooke.

Rumplestilskin is dying. His heart as black as coal is failing. The Dark One’s power turned his red heart to black. Now that the darkness has left him his heart is pure white. Does that mean Rumplestiltskin is returned to a state of purity or is it a state of nothingness? Has the darkness claimed him for so long that he is nothing without it? According to the Apprentice the Dark One’s power must be tethered to a human soul in order to be controlled. The darkness slips into the streets looking for someone to claim.

Robin and Regina are having a romantic moonlit walk when the darkness comes towards Regina. Emma is a true Savior in this moment. She doesn’t want Regina to lose her happiness. Emma takes the the darkness into herself. In a truly iconic scene the Dark One’s Dagger falls to the street bearing the name of Emma Swan.

What will be the fate of Rumpelstiltskin? Where did the darkness take Emma? What wicked things will Zelena do? What challenges will face Henry as the new Author? What are the consequences of breaking the magical quill?  Can Merlin save the day? The fairy tale adventure begins on ABC September 27th at 8/7c. Then join Trina and Addy on Beyond Storybrooke to talk all about it.


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