Are perceptions that toys (specifically human-looking dolls) are scary and sometimes evil a right of passage for childish thoughts? Are all of us born with those perceptions ingrained in our DNA? Do we perceive a toy to be threatening purely by the way it just sits on a shelf and looks at us with a blank, inanimate stare? Or, are toys merely a lifeless mirror we animate with our imaginative thoughts and amplify how we see the bad and evil around us and imbue them into a benign talisman in which we are to blame for it now being scary? Does a mean human deserve to be killed by an evil doll if he deserves to die? Read More…

The TWILIGHT ZONE surely addresses these concepts with two of its most recognizable episodes. Come listen in and check out how Darrell’s insights move Robert from “ho-hum” to “I can’t wait to watch these again” attitude.

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