It’s a conspiracy that was born before I was. Was there one shooter or two? Was the CIA behind it? Was it possible that there was just a single madman who was disillusioned with his country. What really happened on November 22, 1963? If time travel were possible could John Fitzgerald Kennedy be saved? If he was saved what would the world be like in 2016?

This concept was explored in 2012 by Stephen King in the book 11-22-63. Now this story is brought to TV by Hulu in an 8 part original event series. The brilliant minds of Stephen King and JJ Abrams invite us all to step into the closet and take a look around. Sounds crazy right? Well Jake Epping thinks so too when Al Templeton gives him that instruction. What Jake sees is a world where the colors are a bit brighter and the food tastes a bit fresher. After a day of soul searching Jake returns to Al’s to accept the mission. He finds Al dead. His clock has truly run out. The adventure for Jake however is just beginning.

As Jake descends down the rabbit hole to the Fall of 1960 the countdown begins. Can Jake live quietly in the past for three years without disturbing it too much. The past is obdurate. It does not want to be changed. Whenever Jake gets too close the past fights back. How will Jake ever stop the assassination and change American history forever? What would 2016 be like if Kennedy had been allowed to serve his whole term? Changing such a significant event in history could cause a major butterfly effect. Will the effect be positive or negative? This remains to be seen.butterfly-beware

Did you attempt to read the Stephen King novel and get bogged down by the details? This adaptation starts two years later than the novel. That gets you that much closer to the key date the book is named after. Jake is brought to life on screen by James Franco. The writing is fast paced and very exciting. The conclusion of each episode leaves you wanting more. New episodes are being added to Hulu each Monday. The good news for you is that this phenomenal show is almost at an end. In just one more day the whole series will be out and available for binge watching.

Do you want a companion to take this exciting journey through time? Golden Spiral Media has you covered. Join Wayne and Troy for 11-22-63 A Look Back. Each episode they help you decode the clues in the title sequence and follow the movements of the yellow card man. They navigate each twist and turn of the plot and share thoughts of fellow time travelers. All together we can explore the key events of America in the sixties. The creators of this event are not only exploring who may or may not have brought the president’s life to an end. They are masterfully weaving in information of the cultural climate of the times and the small players that made up one of the largest events in history. This brings so much richness and depth to the story. Take a step into the closet. Go ahead and look around. You will not be disappointed. Can Jake change history? Sign up for Hulu today and find out.

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