It’s episode 9 of We Have To Go Back Podcast and we’re taking you back to LOST season 1 episodes 17 and 18, otherwise known as “…In Translation” and “Numbers.”  In “…In Translation” we learn more about Sun and Jin’s pre-island life, the work that Mr. Paik had Jin doing, and how that affected their relationship.  On island, we see Michael’s raft burned, Jin get blamed, and Sun’s decision to openly speak in English to clear his name.  Of course, the result of that decision causes a major rift between Jin and Sun.  In “Numbers” we learn about Hurley winning the lottery, his belief that using the numbers to do so brought about a curse, and his pursuit of that curse which lead him to Australia.  On island we see Hurley seek out Danielle Rousseau to find out what she knows about the numbers, and he finally finds comfort when she tells him that she thinks the numbers are cursed too.

In our Lost in Literature segment Emilee shares an in-depth look at the book, “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding.

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