In episode 04 of the We Have To Go Back Podcast we share our favorite moments from the Charlie centric episode, The Moth, and the Sawyer centric episode, Confidence Man. We talk about the role Locke played in assisting Charlie, the usage of the moth metaphor to help him, the backstory of Charlie and Driveshaft, and some of the motifs in The Moth.

In our discussion of Confidence Man we discus Sawyer’s possible motives for being tortured to give up something he did not possess, his manipulation of the other castaways, the revelation that there is another Sawyer in the world and the impact that will have on the show, and some of the great Charlie/Claire moments.

In our Lost in Literature segment, Emilee takes a look at the book, Watership Down by Richard Adams.

Send in your favorite Lost moments, theories you had for each episode, or fun Lost memories by calling 304-837-2278.

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