We Have To Go Back Episode 23 brings us to the penultimate episodes of Lost season 2, “?” and “Three Minutes.”  In “?” we see flashbacks of Eko investigating an Australian girl that came back from the dead after drowning.  Eko is skeptical and ready to believe that she wasn’t really dead until she delivers a message from his dead brother, Yemi.  On the island we see the aftermath of Ana Lucia and Libby’s deaths and Eko takes Locke on a trip to locate the Pearl Station.  What they find inside causes Locke to lose his faith and causes Eko to become more confident in his faith.

In the episode, “Three Minutes” we see the events that happened to Michael while he was away looking for Walt.  We see that he briefly spoke with Walt and was given instructions to bring Hurley, Jack, Kate and Sawyer back with him to the Others camp in exchange for Walt.  We also see the burial of Ana Lucia and Libby and the appearance of a sailboat on the horizon.

Next up: the season 2 finale, “Live Together, Die Alone.”

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