In our visit back to the island this week we take a look back at Lost season 2 episode 15, “Maternity Leave” and episode 16, “The Whole Truth.” As the dynamic between Jack, Locke, and Henry Gale continues to evolve and Henry manipulates Lock and Jack, these two episodes also begin to reveal story lines that will weave heavily into the plot of season 3 and the pregnancy issues faced by those living on the island.

In “Maternity Leave” we see flashbacks to the time when Claire was kidnapped by Ethan and she realizes that Danielle assisted her escape, along with a mysterious teenage girl. Claire also realizes that she and Aaron are supposed to be together.

In “The Whole Truth” Sun realizes that she’s pregnant and isn’t sure how to tell Jin. In flashback we see that they tried conceiving before crashing on the island, but unbeknownst to Jin, he is infertile.

Next up: the Locke centric episode “Lockdown” and the Hurley centric episode “Dave.”

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