During Disneyland’s construction, Walt grew tired of making the long commute between Burbank and Anaheim and decided he would build himself an apartment right inside Disneyland. The second story above the Main Street Fire Station right near Disneyland’s entrance seemed like the perfect place. Through the windows he could oversee construction, and once Disneyland was open to the public he could watch the happy guests streaming through the gates in the morning.

Walt Disney passed away in 1966 during the planning of his second theme park, Walt Disney World. Disneyland was the only Disney Park Walt visited, and is the only Disney Park where Walt lived. Today, a guest can take a unique tour and visit this iconic apartment. A dedicated tour guide leads guests up and down Main Street USA, telling stories about Main Street USA when it first opened in 1955, and pointing out fun decorations and surprises guest may not normally notice.

The tour ends with a visit to Walt’s private apartment, located above the Main Street Fire Station in Town Square. The apartment is typically closed to the public, and your only chance to see inside is to either know the right people, or buy your way in. But is this tour worth spending your time and money on?

In this episode of Mouse House Weekly Rachel and Jeremiah discuss their recent visit to Disneyland when they decided to take this very special event. They go into detail about what they experienced, and then they close the show with some insights on some of the other walking tours the park provides. Come listen and join in on the conversion.

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