Talking Through Say Yes

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Say Yes is the next episode of The Walking Dead and there was a lot of yes in this episode. Michonne and Rick said yes to each other, Jadis said yes to Rick’s deal, Sasha said yes to Rosita’s ridiculous plan, and Tara said yes to herself when she (we think) decided to tell Rick about all the guns at Oceanside. What will be the result of all this yes? Probably something pretty spectacular, but we won’t find out next week! Next week looks to be a Carol-centric episode, which is quite alright with this podcaster. I hope she has a come to Jesus moment and will be ready to join the fight against the Saviors.

It seems we are on opposite sides once again with a lot of you out there. Brian and I both really enjoyed this episode, but it seemed to fall flat for others. At least, that was how it seemed based on most of the feedback we got. Even though this episode had its flaws, for us, it was still a really fun episode that I think was necessary for Rick and Michonne. Sometimes, it’s best to not look too closely at what is going on, however, this seems to be a recurring problem for the Walking Dead writers’ room. We know they are capable of great things, but sometimes they take the easy way out. I hope that our enthusiasm for this episode is able to talk our less enthusiastic listeners off the ledge a little bit. In any case, we are four episodes away from what will hopefully be a new storyline without Negan…because some of us don’t like him. At all.

If you have any ideas about what the next four episodes, or the next storyline will hold, then let us know! We love to get feedback from our listeners and fellow fans of The Walking Dead, especially audio feedback! We haven’t had any of that in awhile.

Other Fun Stuff Completely Unrelated to Say Yes!

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