It is June 28th 1984. What is going on here? I thought the government shut the lab down! Wait! Our government is not in charge here. The fears of Dr. Owens and Murray Bauman are being realized. Russians know about the Upside Down. What are they doing? They clearly don’t understand what will happen if they succeed in tearing open a hole between dimensions. Has the Upside Down spread far enough to become a global problem?

Back in Hawkins we open in the summer of 1985. Things are changing and at the moment it is less about monsters and more about hormones. Mike is still crazy about El. Max and Lucas are still together. Dustin has fallen head over heels for Suzie at science camp. Will seems a little behind his friends. He’s not yet interested in a relationship. His desire seems to be just hanging with his friends playing dungeons and dragons in the basement.

Can Will Byers ever be the same? He went to the Upside Down and lived to tell about it. I think a remnant of the Mind Flayer may still be inside him. The Gang sneaks into the movie theater at the Star Court Mall. Suddenly the power goes out and Will has a flashback. It is clear that Will feels something when the monster across town stirs.

Hopper feels hopeless and seeks Joyce’s advice. El and Mike are always together and are having a hard time sticking to the 3 feet apart rule. Poor Hopper thrown right into the teenager stage of parenting. I love the friendship that has developed between Joyce and Hopper. I think the Chief is ready for the next step, unfortunately Joyce is not quite ready to let go of Bob.

Nancy and Johnathan have taken the next step. They are both dating and working together at the Hawkins Post. The newspaper is looking for the next big story. Nancy suggests an article about how the new mall is hurting small local businesses. The men ignore her idea and mock her for getting their lunch wrong. While working late Nancy receives a call. Something strange is going on. Why are all the rats moving in a single direction? Where is the new Lifeguard? The housewives of Hawkins will certainly miss Billy if he doesn’t make it to the pool tomorrow. The rats are too weak to host the Mind Flayer and they explode under the pressure. It needs something stronger. I think Billy might be late for work tomorrow and Nancy might get the story that turns this town Upside Down.

I am not sure if Suzie will ever answer Dustin but I know Darrell and Addi would love to hear from you. Spend your summer vacation with us as we take this strange journey week by week chapter by chapter. Suzie didn’t copy but Russia is sending a code. Do you know what it means? Send your feedback to Until next week. Keep your eyes open for all things strange.


Will Suzie Ever Answer Dustin?

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