Steve jumps at the opportunity to leave the kids behind and step out of his babysitter role, but we were not prepared for him to do so! The Dive, episode 6 of Stranger Things’ 4th season, left us wanting more! With the citizens of Hawkins in a frenzy thanks to Jason’s accusations against The Hellfire Club, it’s not only Eddie that now finds himself in their crosshairs. Eleven continues to dive deeper into her memories, exploring her previous life as Brenner’s lab rat, and becoming increasing influenced by the creepy/friendly orderly, Peter.  002 is not too happy about her rising strength, and it looks like she’s now convinced she is the one responsible for the massacre at Hawkins Lab.

Hopper is preparing to fight a demogorgon, and it looks like his story is nearly ready to combine with that of Joyce and Murray!  Suzie provides a valuable asset to the California crew, and we wonder if Eden will join them in the weed wagon as they leave Utah in search of El.

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