In episode 244 of The Revolution Podcast we are excited to bring you our exclusive interview with co-executive producer and writer of NBC’s Revolution, David Rambo. We spoke with David the day after the Revolution series finale aired on NBC.

David shared his story about how he got into writing and what the writing process is like for him. He also shares some fun moments from the Revolution writers room, and how other works from Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, and The Twilight Zone influenced Revolution.

We also asked David the question that fans have been asking since the early episodes of Revolution season 1, “Is Miles the true father of Charlie?” His answer will probably surprise you! Additionally, we spoke with David about what fans would have seen in season 3, if Aaron’s pendant would have played a part, and was there really a light in the middle of the ocean shown in an early Revolution promotion video? Of course, Jeremy had to find out if time travel would have played a part in the series!

We wrap up the conversation by asking David about the chances of Revolution living on in some other form or on another network, and what projects the writers have lined up next. David also surprised us with a very interesting story about work he has done for George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch!

We want to thank David Rambo for his time and the candid nature of this interview. We wish him and the entire Revolution team the highest success in the future!

You can follow David Rambo on Twitter at @Rambopolitan.