In episode 242 of The Revolution Podcast we review the series finale of NBC’s Revolution entitled, “Declaration of Independence.” Since this episode was written as a season finale and not as a series finale, we look at it from both perspectives, giving it latitude for not being a proper series finale. We discuss the points of the story that had a sense of resolution such as the relationships with Miles, Charlie, and Rachel. We also talk about the seeming end to the Patriot storyline and whether or not Monroe joined their ranks as a leader of Texas. We talk about the nanites plan to draw people to Bradbury, Idaho and what that might have looked like in season 3 and we talk about the way that our band of heroes was finally able to out smart and out maneuver the Patriots.

We also talk about the conflict between Connor and Monroe and how Monroe ultimately chose to side with Miles. We discuss whether or not this served as redemption for Monroe, and whether or not Connor would have ended up back with Monroe, or followed Tom to Idaho.

We also tease several details that we learned during our interview with Revolution co-executive producer and writer, David Rambo. That episode will be number 244 and we’ll be releasing it in a few days.

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