The Final 12 Monkeys Listener Feedback Extravaganza

We turn it over to the listeners who get their final say about 12 Monkeys as a series and how it all ended up in the perfect finale. We heard from so many people who have joined us on this journey these past four years, and you’ll get to hear some insights Cory and I could never have come up with on our own. This Listener Feedback Extravaganza is a real treat!

Thank you to our Listener Feedback Extravaganza contributors (one of whom won our final set item giveaway!) including Maria, Alexander, William, John from Oregon, John from Chicago, Angela, Caryle, Mary, Sofie, Kate, Geoff, Taltos, and Carmelita. You all truly made this an epic ending to our podcast.

The 12 Monkeys discussion will continue ad infinitum on Facebook and on Twitter as well even though the series has ended. And be sure to stay tuned for one last hurrah coming to the feed in the coming week.