12 Monkeys Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Daughters

Our 12 Monkeys discussion gets a bit literary as we discuss the wonderful duality of “Daughters” as it draws parallels between Hannah and Emma. Interestingly, although Terry Matalas calls the next series of episodes a “descent into darkness,” the revelations we get in this one are quite enlightening. Deceiving the Witness to allow the team to reach the distant past is a bold move indeed!

Join us for 12 Monkeys news, commentary and analysis for “Daughters”! This week we talk about Jones taunting Olivia, Olivia’s ignorance of how to be a mother, Emma’s resulting disillusionment, Cole’s increasing impatience, Deacon’s cryptic nosebleed, Old Jennifer’s surprising return, Adler’s swift reprimand of Cole, and much more!

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12 Monkeys “Daughters” Show Notes:

Taltos’ screenshot of Deacon’s nosebleed vision of two knives