12 Monkeys Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Legacy

The question of what comes after victory or loss in 12 Monkeys makes us very philosophical in our discussion of “After” this week. The admirably complex ins and outs of doing a causality loop episode put this one in the top five 12 Monkeys stories of all time. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have the return of both Christopher Lloyd and Jay Karnes as Zalman Shaw and Agent Gale.

Join us for 12 Monkeys news, commentary and analysis for “After”! This week we talk about Jennifer’s “oops loop,” Cassie’s growing doubts about a future for her and Cole, Cole’s predictably reckless decisions, Deacon’s surprising conversation with Jennifer, Jones’ secret mission for Hannah, and Gale’s amazing save of the mission by giving them their next destination.

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