12 Monkeys Season 4 Night 4 Discussion with Terry Matalas

The final fireside chat for 12 Monkeys season 4 takes us through the ups and downs of one of the most perfect episodes of television ever! Terry Matalas has quite a few insights to share for many of the lingering questions fans may still have, and we guarantee you’ll be more enlightened after listening to this podcast than you were before you hit play.

Along with Terry Matalas, we explore the possible life paths that brought the various characters to where they are in the fixed timeline epilogue, and we spend some time appreciating many of the closed loops, some of which go all the way back to season 1, including Cassie’s recording, Ramse’s son, and the return of Max. Join us as we take one last look back at the full breadth of 12 Monkeys in awe of how far we’ve come.

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