12 Monkeys Season 4 Night 4 Discussion with Terry Matalas

The final fireside chat for 12 Monkeys season 4 takes us through the ups and downs of one of the most perfect episodes of television ever! Terry Matalas has quite a few insights to share for many of the lingering questions fans may still have, and we guarantee you’ll be more enlightened after listening to this podcast than you were before you hit play.

Along with Terry Matalas, we explore the possible life paths that brought the various characters to where they are in the fixed timeline epilogue, and we spend some time appreciating many of the closed loops, some of which go all the way back to season 1, including Cassie’s recording, Ramse’s son, and the return of Max. Join us as we take one last look back at the full breadth of 12 Monkeys in awe of how far we’ve come.

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  1. For the comic he should talk to Titan Comics just because the name is fitting, but they also do a lot of TV/video game related comics so it could be a good fit.

    I would probably have changed the ending to either end at Cassie saying “See you soon” because it played to the “forever isn’t perfect” speeches Cole gave her or I would have made it more clear he’s there because of a branching timeline because then the “happy ending” works. As is for me the “happy ending” feels kind of out of place; I get doing it for the diehard fans so they get to be happy their lead is happy so I can’t nitpick too much but I do wish it was clearer how he can stay there yet everything else works out. I just need more details on how Hannah lives with Jones but Cole also can live because I’m not getting the logic completely; this can’t be the beginning of the beginning even though “Beginning” is the title for the final because again you have changes such as a teen Hannah and even if it is somehow what happens to Cole so he’s not around to create a paradox between now and the future? Time wants time travel to happen but how did it achieve that without Hannah dying as a kid to motivate Jones?

    The promo said they would answer our questions but I now I just have more questions! Ha.

    The continuity details impressed me again and I can see why you’re going to miss this show; overall it was a fun watch which I’d rate at least as high good but with that epilogue I don’t know if I can say it was great…if you feel it was great I can’t disagree with it as you have the big fan emotion with it. As a series whole I think it’s a good series overall also. This has me interested in what the creative team might do next.

    I think Cassie terminated the sequence myself, but if anyone says she didn’t and they’re actually living in the red forest I can’t dispute that as Cassie is totally the underachieved villain of the series! I know the writers and most fans would probably say she’s a hero but for me Cassie had a bigger villain streak than even Olivia and she was unapologetic about it which made her great to watch so if someone said to me she let it happen I could believe it. That’s a good way to pull off two endings without having to shoot two endings. 🙂

    “I don’t have forever to promise you, but I have this moment if you’ll take it.” – I’ve never been a fan of theirs really but the beach scene was a great moment! You know you did a scene right when even non fans of a pairings/individual felt something! That and Cole saying “forever isn’t perfect” to try and stop Cassie from creating the red forest were to me the best diagnose moments of the episode.

    Lol to Jennifer, “Is that because you’re such a d*ck?”.

    Invading Titian to “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” was great! The Witness troops clearly took their shooting training from Stormtroopers though because they couldn’t hit anything. Ha.

    I would have loved to have seen Jennifer and old Jennifer do the paradox!

    Is Olivia’s body never found? I feel bad for her because while she’s the noticeable villain she also just wanted out of the box she spent her life in so you can understand why she came to the place she was. It was an older Jennifer with Deacon at the bar but when exactly was it? Is Jennifer still listening in case time needs her to do something? Did Cassie know the cure before the outbreak spread because Olivia’s body being found thus she was able to stop it or at least save Hannah to get teen Hannah? But then again if she saves Hannah and she grows up with Jones how does that not create Cole and we’re right back where we started? I have so many questions still!

    I’m glad Jones got to make it to the end also; I was worried she would and to hear that speech – I agree with Terry they were all well done goodbyes. Jones’s reminds me of “Fried Green Tomatoes” though because that was totally a Ruth exit just going out in the background so I actually guessed the how right to that, one of only a handful of things I got right on the series. 🙂

    AH that is just cruel Terry, you can’t drop a great idea bomb like a Jennifer spinoff and walk away; how do we make this happen?!

    Awe, the end music made this feel very dramatic and fitting for a final; again I definitely get why fans are going to miss this series. Nice job guys!


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