Yes, we finally got to a couple classic  episodes we aren’t crazy about. That’s ok, IMDB ratings seemed to like them more than us, but for us wasn’t clear to why the TZ that is so famous for pointing out socio-historical injustice missed the mark in the time travel episode back to the battle of Little BigHorn. Only one line in the entire script that was positive about Native Americans. Nothing about their inhumane treatment up to either of the story’s timelines. And in the other episode, it seemed too full of an incredibly accurate portrayal of a calm flight crew in a TZ sound barrier time loop, but no mention of “what if” the plane landed in the wrong time line—what then?

It was good SyFy science but without the conscience normally found embedded in a thought provoking tale. But once again, even when the TZ may not deliver everything we want, it starts the conversation and we fill in the blanks and that took us into a fun conversation about our own “what if’s” and Robert revealing something he learned about his childhood that may have stunned Darrell for life. There you go. A ho-hum TZ Episode talk that alters your life. Just another night with ENTERING THE FIFTH DIMENSION.

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