The World was left on the precipice of disaster. The Spartan Virus has decimated the immune systems of the World’s population, making even the common cold deadly. Only an elite few are safe because they have alien DNA in their genome. Who knew that an abduction would be a blessing? People are devolving into chaos as they desperately attempt to seek medical attention. Agent Scully weaves through cars stopped on the bridge. She is clutching the cure synthesized from the alien DNA in her own blood in her hand. She must make it to Agent Mulder. Time is running out.

The infection has progressed too far. The IV bag of medicine will never be enough. Agent Scully must find William! Only his stem cells can save his Father now. Agent Scully looks towards the heavens as if praying for a miracle. Hovering above the bridge is a UFO.

Where is William? Mulder and Scully put him up for adoption to protect him from those that wanted to hurt him. William is special of that there is no doubt. He exhibited telekinesis when he was just a few months old. What skills might he possess now that he is older? Can he save the World on the brink of extinction? Can Mulder and Scully defeat the Cigarette Smoking Man who is at the helm of this disastrous epidemic?


First things first how will Agent Mulder survive? It is amazing that Agent Scully and Agent Einstein were able to produce a treatment for the virus but the delivery method of an IV bag is impractical. The volume is surely not sufficient for the amount of people infected. If William is the key to this pandemic they must find him soon.

Everything has changed. No longer is the strange and unexplained a secret relegated to the FBI basement. People are going to know the truth. Even if they don’t watch Tad O’Malley’s show on the internet. There was a UFO hovering over the city! News is going to spread! The Cigarette Smoking Man offered Mulder a seat at the table in this new world order which of course he vehemently refused. What will the CSM’s next move be?

Countless questions. Chris Carter left us all screaming at our television screens almost two years ago now. What a cliffhanger! How will he unravel this disastrous web our beloved Agents are tied up in? I have good news the answers are near. Better news ten new episodes await us starting on Wednesday January 3rd at 8/7c on Fox. The best news Darrell and Chip will be here with the We Still Believe Podcast. Uncovering the truth as it draws closer than ever.


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