Case Profile for Zarak Mosadek

Zarak Mosadek, NO. 23 on The Blacklist is the target this week. A middle-eastern drug lord that works with the Nash Syndicate to provide them a steady supply of opium and other drugs. But when his son goes missing, Reddington seizes the opportunity to make a trade, Ian Garvey for the safe return of Mosadek’s son. While Red, Ressler, Samar and Dembe head to Paris, Liz and Aram stay back home to take a different angle on getting some dirt on Ian Garvey. They follow him to a bar where Garvey meets a 35 year-old woman. Liz takes her opportunity to meet this mysterious woman, invite her back to her place, spill the beans on Garvey only to find out that this woman is more connected to the situation at hand then we realize. It is probably the biggest #BlacklistSecret this season since we still don’t know who’s bones are in that duffle bag. Were you shocked at the reveal this week? Leave us your thoughts on this week’s episode.

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Zarak Mosadek In Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.
Zarak Mosadek Collage

Red’s Rhetoric

Welcome to Red’s Rhetoric that part of the show where we play two scenes from this week’s episode of The Blacklist and then you get to vote which one is your favorite in our poll below. 67% of you love when Red and Liz are on the same page as #RedSorry won last week. This week’s first clip comes when Red pays an unexpected visit. Our second comes when Red goes up and down with Donald. Which was your favorite? If you love a good wine vote #RedNoggin or if you love a good limerick vote #RedRhyme.

Which scene from Red was your favorite this week?

  • #RedRhyme (89%, 8 Votes)
  • #RedNoggin (11%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 9

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The Music of Zarak Mosadek

In Paris, a women follows a man down a street, as we hear Grem’s “Sitcom”. She then asks from for help with directions with him being distracted it allows him to be kidnapped. Elizabeth joins Red at an empty matinee showing of ‘Gilda’, where they hear Rita Hayworth sing “Put the Blame on Mame”. They discuss what to do about Garvey. Back in Paris, Samar calls Red to find out when he plans to return to his hotel. As Ressler demands that Red share his plan for getting to Mosadek we hear “Sympathique” from Pink Martini. As Red lays out the plan for Samar and Ressler we hear “Rise Up” from Greenwood Rhythm Coalition. Ressler then comments to Samar on why Aram may have expected a different reaction when he gave her his grandmother’s ring. As the plan unfolds the team works to the tunes of Jack White and the song “Corporation”. Finally as the episode closes and Ressler fesses up to being one to plant the marriage idea in Aram’s head “Sheets” from Damien Juardo plays as Liz finds out she has a “sister”.

You can hear these songs via the official Blacklist playlist on Spotify or the same playlist recreated by us on Apple Music.