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Case Profile for Sutton Ross

The #BlacklistReveal has landed and we know that Raymond Reddington is not…

See it all started 30 years ago when Red decided to swindle a man named Sutton Ross in some blueprints for airplanes that Sutton would later sell to the Chinese. Turns out Red swindled Sutton, the Chinese came after Sutton and Ian Garvey helped Sutton disappear. Fast forward to present day events where Sutton has the duffle bag of bones, Liz wants some answers and Red will stop at nothing to keep those bones a secret. Well he will stop everything to check on Liz, make sure she is safe, alive, and out of harms way. BUT WHY! For that you will need to watch the show and listen to the podcast because the answer is 100% given and of course in true Blacklist fashion opens the door for a ton more questions.

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Sutton Ross In Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.

The Music of Sutton Ross

The show opens with Sutton Ross pretending to be an FBI agent as “Can You Hear Me Coming’” by the band Sugar McClean plays in the background. As Liz and Red drag race to see who can get to Sutton first we hear “Cry of the Martyrs” by Algiers. Once in custody and in holding, Sutton manages to abduct Liz and smuggles her out of the Post Office to the tune of “Chimes Broken” by Holy Fuck. While Red waits for Sutton’s demands at a payphone we here “Last Resort & Spa” from Battle Tapes. As Red teases us with an answer and then officially escapes with the bag of bones we hear “Retrograde” by James Blake. Then as Liz stands in the graveyard explaining what really happened we hear “Lawless” by Unkle. And then when the #BlacklistReveal is finally unearthed we hear “Nobody Knows (feat. WYNNE)” by Autograf.

You can hear these songs via the official Blacklist playlist on Spotify or the same playlist recreated by us on Apple Music.