Case Profile for Amir Arison

Amir Arison stops by the podcast for a second round of banter with the boys as they talk all things rings, ladies, and field training. Yes we all know him as #Aramdorable and as always he charms us with tales from the set of what lies in store for his character in the final four episodes of the season plus shares a story about how improving lines actually is what made the Aram character possible. He discusses the current tension between Samar and Aram plus all the fun he’s been having with his best bud Liz. What you will find shocking in this interview is just how field trained he is and how he secretly wants to take over being the bad ass that Tom used to be. Ok maybe not a bad ass but he does take on one of Tom’s abilities down the stretch.

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Amir Arison in 20 Weeks

We also chatted with Amir Arison about his new film 20 weeks. A Love story between a man, Ronan, and his girlfriend Maya played by Anna Margaret Hollyman and their quest to figure out what the word relationship really means. The story centers around this couple’s relationship and how solid it is when they find out some unsettling news about their child at their 20 week ultrasound. Powerful and challenging, this movie shows you what real people, and real relationships are all about. Let us know in the comments below who’s side you resonated with more, and what would you have done if you were in this situation. You can find 20 Weeks on all the standard video on demand locations like Amazon Prime, iTunes and others. Take a peek at the trailer below.