It’s the Mid-Season Hiatus/Holiday Break for Constantine! So, we’re celebrating!

Tony and Joe have gathered 100 or so of their closest friends and Constantine fans, and flown everyone down to Jasper’s Millhouse for our first ever Mid-Season Hiatus Retrospective And Celebratory Dance Party!

Join us as we snack, dance, and celebrate some of our favorite things about the first 8 episodes of Constantine. We also discuss the newest news, browse around some of the things on the shelves of the Millhouse, manage to avoid the gravity trap, and try to be heard over the noise of the crowd dancing in celebration of Constantine’s imminent return on January 16th.

If you have any feedback for us, go to the Feedback Page, or call us at 304-837-2278 and share your thoughts! We’d love to get YOUR voice in the podcast.

We’ll be back recording after John, Zed, Chas and the gang return… if we can manage to find our way out of this long, long, long hallway we stumbled into while looking for the exit… Until then, enjoy your New Year, share Constantine with your friends, and avoid spooky underground tunnels filled with Invunches!

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