So let’s deal with the demonic elephant in the room.

NBC has decided to cap Constantine Season 1 at 13 episodes. A lot of people view this as the first step towards cancellation. Is it? Hell if I know. (Hellblazer if I know?) But mine is an optimistic nature. I look at this as potentially a very, very good thing. A pal of mine said the following about Constantine: It took 3 episodes for Constantine to turn into a good show, and 4 episodes for it to turn into a great one. I tend to agree. The last several episodes show a tighter narrative, more focus on characters, and an overall darker tone. Sure, The Rage of Caliban felt like a throwback, because that’s exactly what it was: an episode aired out of order. But if you look at the last few episodes (The Devil’s Vinyl, Feast of Friends, Danse Vaudou)…well, to me it seems clear that the showrunners, writers, producers, everyone is investing in a show that steers closer to the comics. Eerie, grim, darkly funny, with a protagonist who’s not afraid to light up a smoke now and then.

Here’s what I’m hoping for: 13 episodes for season 1 that focus on the major arc. Let’s dive head-first into the Rising Darkness. Let’s see some of Zed’s big secrets rise to the surface. Let’s see Constantine and pals start working together as a group. I feel like the time for introductions has come and gone. We know who these people are, or at least have a sense of them. Now let’s tell the story, the big story. Because 13 episodes gives us a chance to make a leaner show, one that doesn’t have the time to meander. And if the viewership continues to rise like the aforementioned darkness, then we may yet see a lean, 13-ep Season 2 as well.

A man can dream, and that’s just what this man is doing. But often, I’ve seen dreams come true, especially w/ a little magic in the mix.
– Joe

PS: In the podcast we talk about the cool shot of Constantine in front of a “wall of skulls”, and how it was an homage to the work of a Hellblazer artist. Here’s a link to some more work by that artist, Sean Phillips – CLICK HERE to check it out!
– Tony