This week on The Devil You Know Tony is joined by Karen Lindsay as co-host, as Joe is currently AWOL. He was last seen entering the Hallway of Infinity in Jasper’s Home For The Weird And Spooky, and we haven’t heard from him yet.

Too bad for him, because he missed a GREAT episode of “Constantine”. Some of the tightest writing we’ve seen, some great performances and beautiful special effects. Also, the return of a fabulous character (Papa Midnite) and the introduction of ANOTHER fabulous character, Jim Corrigan (aka: The Spectre)! When you mix Papa Midnite, Jim Corrigan and John Constantine, it’s a pretty great combo! This episode was another step forward in the growth of a show that has consistently gotten stronger with each episode.

Join us as we discuss all of this and more – including the recent announcement that season 1 will consist of just 13 episodes, and that there may or may not be a season 2! Karen and Tony break down their likes, dislikes, favorite quotes and theories, and share a little feedback from the listeners.

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Join us next week for another episode. Looks like Constantine will face up against a child needing some help…and we know what happened the last time he tried that. Could be a little tense in Jasper’s place next week!

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