A note from Joe Zettelmaier, co-host of The Devil You Know: A Constantine Podcast –

I write this from my car, where I sit waiting for Tony to get home so we can record our podcast. My electric seat warmers are the only thing keeping me alive. Well, that…and how much I liked this week’s episode of Constantine.

A Feast of Friends, you were a treat. Damn near lifted entirely from the comic. Gaz, the hunger demon that was his downfall…a great ep from a great issue. To me, this is a huge move in the right direction. The show continues to get darker, all the while veering closer to the source material. It’s that kind of honor to the books that’s gonna keep fans of John Constantine happy and keep the show on track. Sure I was sad to not see Papa Midnite (he’s in this story arc in the comic), but Doctor Mist?! They brought in Doctor Mist?! Sure, he’s an obscure DC character I’m entirely unfamiliar with, but I still love the nod to the greater hero community. I mean, the only thing that could make this better was if Jim Corrigan were to appear in the next episode! Oh wait… HE IS!

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