Episode 3 of Constantine has come and gone, and lots of good things continue to happen with this show! Matt Ryan again proves why he is getting rave reviews as John Constantine.

Is this a perfect episode of Constantine? No. Is it the best one yet? You bet! With three episodes, the show has started to find a little bit of a groove, and it’s showing signs of becoming the show we hope it will grow to be! It’s getting a little darker, a little clearer, and a lot more fun.

This episode contains more of John’s backstory, growing relationship dynamics between our 3 main players, and the introduction of a soon-to-be-recurring villain. Join us as we discuss all of this and more. Also, let us know what you thought of this episode of Constantine, and of this episode of our podcast, by going to the FEEDBACK PAGE at Golden Spiral Media and sharing your thoughts! We’re getting some wonderful comments from other fans of the show, we’d love to add you to the family.

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