Hi there! Joe Zettelmaier here, co-host of The Devil You Know: A Constantine Podcast. I’m thrilled to be back on the mic with my good pal Tony Caselli, especially with I show I’m legitimately excited by, and with the wonderful Golden Spiral Media.

So here’s the thing. I’m a comic book fellow from way back in the day, tho’ less so now. A Constantine TV show that was going to veer close to the comic was already on my “gotta watch” list. So when we were given the chance to host a podcast about it, Tony and I both went into research mode. I had never much read Hellblazer (the comic the show is based on), and as I’m sure many of you know, there’s a LOT of Hellblazer to read. As I started combing through it all, I was struck by how rich, how fleshed out our boy John was, right from his first appearances. I was drawn in. Then, I started watching every trailer, every interview, every Constantine-related video I could find. That was when the show went from “I’ll check this out” to “I GOTTA check this out.” Matt Ryan carries himself w/ a swagger I think is worthy of the titular character. A haggard appearance, world-weary eyes, and the hint of an impish grin…that’s John. And two of my faves from Lost (Harold Perrineau and Jeremy Davies) kept popping up as well. And Davies is the spitting image of tech-master Ritchie Simpson!

What also kept jumping out was the tone. I recommend listening to Bear McCready’s amazing theme music. It’s grim yet jaunty, haunting yet there’s almost a wink to it. A harpsichord melody played against strings and synthesized bass/drums and others. But for what it’s worth, I felt like I could hear Constantine’s sense of humor coming through that quirky harpsichord line. Yeah, the more I dive into this show, the more I think they may have stumbled onto something really great. I’ll find out next week, and I hope like hell (heh) you’ll join Tony and I on our trip to the darker, mystical side of DC Television.

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