The Golden Child staring Eddie Murphy is a adventure comedy that takes us from Tibet to L.A. to Nepal and back. Murphy has to help find the Golden Child so that earth will not become Hell. He is the Chosen One but he needs a lot of help along the way. Join John and guest host Karen as they team up to look at Breakout Eddie Murphy films.

The Golden Child:

The Golden Child (J.L. Reate) is seemingly safe in a Tibetan monastery. There he is served by the monks and is protected by them. But the forces of evil lead by Sardo Numspa (Charles Dance) have found him.  They slaughter the monks and take the Child to Los Angelis. They surround him with binding spells and try to corrupt his soul by trying to get him to eat blood.

Kee Nang (Charlotte Lewis) has been sent to bring him back, but she knows she needs help. She enlists a P.I. who only does missing children. Chandler Jarrell (Eddie Murphy) is working a case to find a girl and is using flyers, TV and any means to find the girl. Kee approaches him and asks for help, but he blows her off thinking she is crazy. Chandler’s girl is found murdered and the inside of the house is where they were holding the Child. It seems he is already working Kee’s case, so they join forces. They go to Doctor Hong (James Hong) for some advice. Chandler tries to protect Kee, but she protects him with flips, kicks and chops.

Sardo has conversation with Hell (Frank Welker) and finds out they need the Adyante Dagger to kill The Golden Child. Sardo gives Chandler a deal, they will give over the Child for the Dagger.  Hong, Kee and Chandler agree and it is off to Nepal. Kee and Chandler arrive in Katmandu. While Kee works on transportation, Chandler follows a bird (a messenger of the Child) and is take to the Old Man (Victor Wong) who steals his money and puts a protection necklace on him.  After the pair journey to the temple, Chandler discovers the Old Man is a priest. Chandler comically asks for the knife and is given a task of taking the water over perils to get the dagger.  Chandler braves the trials and gets the dagger. Later he gets some love advice from the Old Man so he can pursue Kee. The man offers some good advice. Later the Old Man goes to talk with Kee and we find out she is his daughter. He gives his blessing to for her marry him. Chandler manages to get the knife through customs and past Sardo at the airport.

Chandler and Kee are taken to a safe house in the country. But Sardo and his men take out the guards. Kee gives her life to save Chandler. Now Sardo has the dagger. Hong and Kala (Shakti Chen), the snake lady, says he has until sundown to save the Golden Child so he can save Kee. Chandler follows the bird to the Child’s location. He manages to get the child out, but they are chased by the Sardo in winged demon form. They bury Sardo under rubble and drive to Hong’s. Sardo comes up and Chandler with the Child’s help kills him with the dagger. The Golden Child saves Kee and they all live happily ever after.


This is a East meets West buddy film before it became popular.  It is a loving look at crazy L.A. in the mid-80’s. The Golden Child showcased Murphy’s comedy, but dialed back the language a bit. He is clearly the star and even the big bad, Dance, plays 2nd fiddle to him. While it is no great darling of cinema, it is a fun ride that mixes action, mysticism, CGI and so much more to be fun. Plus you even had an audio cameo of Megitron/Soundwave himself Frank Welker. It was a fun ride.

Thanks to Karen Lindsay (a.k.a. The Scarlet Cougar) for co-hosting this triple, giving Cory a well deserved break. You can find her over on Gotham Undercover, Maid of Steel (along with John a.k.a. The Silver Vox) and Remaking History.

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The movie soundtrack is three discs and was done by Michael Colombier and John Barry. It has a soundtrack too. Here is “Love Goes On” the love theme from the movie by Ashford & Simpson.

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Name That Movie:

The clue this week was:   Starting with Eddie Murphy, Eddie was also in this 1992 movie with Halle Berry.
Which lead us to the following movie:  The movie is  “Boomerang.”


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