Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has a lot of battles but what it really does is world building. This movie establishes Batman and his anger at Superman. It also continues the questions that people were asking about Superman in Man of Steel. All the while Lex is behind the scenes setting things in motion to gain power over everyone.

Dawn of Justice:

We pick up in this movie in the midst of the Metropolis battle in “Man of Steel,” but from Bruce’s (Ben Affleck) point of view. All he is concerned about is making sure his people are OK.  We see him racing through the streets and urging them via phone to get out. Some do but not all.  He helps one man trapped under a girder, but the man later looses his legs and his family leaves him. Bruce thinks this is all Superman’s (Henry Cavil) fault and begins planning against him. He gets info on the Kryptonite by hacking Lex’s computers, with Alfred’s (Jeremy Irons) help, but looses the drive to Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) for a while.

Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenber) has used his skills to discover Kryptonite and that it can harm Superman. He has found a large chunk near the ruins of the world builder ship, but he needs Senator Finch (Holly Hunter) to brink it into the country. He explains it to her as a protective measure against Superman and the other metas. But she will not have it.  She wants Superman to answer and have justice for the people, but not that way. But Lex does get the Kryptonite in to the country. He gets access to Zod’s body and the crashed ship.  He uses it to learn all about the universe and more frightening he starts to create an abomination. Doomsday is built from his and Zod’s DNA combined.

Lois (Amy Adams) is hunting down stories in Africa but gets pulled into a trap.  Lex is testing weapons and the CIA is trying to get to a warlord and Lois is caught in the middle. Lex’s men make it look like Superman committed the crimes and the CIA won’t refute it because they were not supposed to be involved. Superman saves the day but there is major fallout. People are beginning to question Superman’s methods and his power. This is all falling according to Lex’s plan. Superman goes to the hearings an Lex uses a led lined wheelchair, from Wally the victim from earlier in the movie, to blow up the chamber. People think Superman conspired with Wally to do it.

Lex has both Lois and Martha (Diane Lane) and gives Clark a choice, kill Batman and save Martha, or let her die. Batman has been training and forging Kryptonite weapons (mist bombs and a spear). He is calling Superman out. Superman goes to reason with Batman but that will not work. So they battle and Batman gets the upper hand and is set to end Superman when Clark says a word that stops the fight. Martha!  Lois explains that Martha is Clark’s mom. Bruce sees that he has been manipulated by Lex.

Batman sets out to save Martha and Superman heads over to the Kryptonian ship where Lex is waiting. Batman saves Martha but Lex is multiple steps ahead of Superman. Ding, Doomsday is ready and the fight begins. Doomsday adapts to any attack and the President Nukes he and Superman in space. But Doomsday survives. Batman lures Doomsday back to Gotham where the spear is.  Lois goes to get it but is trapped underwater. The sun revives Superman and he begins to fight Doomsday until he hears Lois in trouble.  He saves her and get the spear. Wonder Woman could not leave town with this threat and begins to help Superman and Batman.  The three rage in battle against Doomsday. Superman spears Doomsday but is killed in the fight as he ends Doomsday.

We close the film with two vastly different funerals. Military pomp and public support for Superman in one. A quiet and small service for Clark in the other. Martha gave Lois the the engagement ring Clark was going to give her. Lois says goodbye. Bruce and Diana say they will stand up and fight to honor his memory when the trials come. Lex is put in prison but he warns Batman the signal has gone out and He is coming.


This movie was a slog got get through. I watched the ultimate edition and it was 3 hours long. It brought the dawn of the Justice League out of the darkness of Superman’s death. I really feel like they did to much in the movie. It needed to be two movies because there was so much going on. It had to establish Batman in this universe, bring in Wonder Woman, do a slight introduction for the other members of the League, have the battle in the title and the element that would bring them all together.  It was just a bit much. It was not poorly done but just too much for one movie. I thought the acting was good on most counts, but call me a sucker for the past I missed Michael Rosenbaum as Lex. I think he would have done a better job. Up next a movie I really enjoyed Wonder Woman!

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The movie score was done by  Hans Zimmer. Here the musical themes of each of the three members of the DC trinity Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are explored. But this movie is more muted with the soundtrack. Here is the Main Title track to the movie.

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The clue this week was:   Jumping from “Clerks II” and Tracy Phillips last week, Tracy also starred alongside Eddie Murphy in this 2006 film about a trio of African-American singers trying to hit it big.
Which lead us to the following movie:  The movie is  “Dreamgirls” and we’ll pick up next week with Eddie Murphy.  Thanks, TripleCast listeners!  We’ll catch you next week as we deep dive into “Wonder Woman.”


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