Dead Alive is the tale of a good son who causes a zombie outbreak by mistake. Peter Jackson jumps into the zombie genera and does not hold back with the gore. Join Cory and John as they fight their way out of the zombie house to bring you this podcast. Also thanks to Hope & George of the Fright Club podcast for joining us on this episode.

Dead Alive:

Dead Alive (originally called Braindead) takes place in the 1950’s. A zookeeper with a permit is determined to get a Sumatran rat-monkey off the island and to New Zealand.  He is warned by local tribe that it is back luck but tries anyway.  He is bitten and his guides chop him to bits because of the bite. They get the monkey to the plane and it is taken to the zoo.

Lionel (Timothy Blame) is a loyal son to his Mum (Elizabeth Moody). She is over protective of him, we think because his dad drowned saving him as a kid. But we later find out, Mum caught dad cheating and she drown him and the girl he was cheating with. Lionel saw it and her stories and protective nature caused him to repress it. He waits on Mum hand and foot.  He goes to the store to give their food order. There he encounters foreign beauty Paquita (Diana Peñalver). She is looking for love and her grandmother reads her fortune and it points to Lionel.  So she pursues him. They set a date for the zoo.  They are enjoying their time together and he shares about his mother and the loss of his dad. They have a good time until they witness the Sumatran rat-monkey kill a normal monkey. They don’t know but Mum has been following them and does not like Paquita. Mum slips and is bitten by the rat-monkey and she then kills it. She pushes Paquita away and asks Lionel to take her home.

A nurse dresses the wound and Lionel cares for her. But overnight the wound becomes infected and grows. Paquita stops by and she an Lionel spend the night together. The next day he is happy but discovers Mum is not good.  Her flesh is falling off and she is very groggy. She refuses to have him call the nurse. They have a crazy encounter with the Ladies Aid president and her husband that ends with Mum eating her own ear. He realizes he needs to tranquilize her and gets the chemicals.  But She eats Paquita’s dog and then attacks and kills her nurse.  Who then becomes a zombie like Mum. Lionel does his best to protect everyone by having a funeral for Mum, but things go crazy as he is trying to dose Mum before the funeral.

That night Mum turns a punk and the minister into zombies and now Lionel has a basement full of zombies he is trying to care for.  Plus Uncle Les (Ina Watkin) is sniffing around wanting to get Lionel’s money. All this time, Lionel has pushed Paquita away to protect her. But her grandmother’s star charm has helped him stay safe.  Les has discovered the bodies (he thinks they are dead) and forced Lionel to give him the house and money to keep quiet.  Lionel is drugging the zombies and the zombie baby and having to serve Les.

Les decides to throw a party and Paquita comes by. She is groped by Les and runs away.  She finally discovers Lionel’s secret.  They decide to poison the zombies and bury them.  But the poison only makes them stronger.  They break out and start eating everyone at the party making more zombies. Les, Paquita and Lionel are all fighting the zombies from different areas. Lionel is forced into the to attic where he discovers Mum’s secret and his dad’s lover’s body.  He then fights his way back down into the house and has to think about how to save Paquita.  He grabs a lawnmower and straps it to himself and mows down all the zombies saving Paquita. But out of the basement rises a huge zombie. It is Mum and they retreat to the roof. Lionel confronts her about her past. She engulfs him and Paquita is hanging off of the house. Lionel uses the star amulet to cut his way out of Mum. She falls into the burning house and Lionel and Paquita escape.


Wow, Jackson did not hold back on the gore in Dead Alive. I know it is silly and played for fun but it was crazy. The movie is a rom-com movie surrounded by zombies. It shows how far Jackson has come with special effects since “Bad Taste” and it even has more of a story. But once the final battle begins it is non-stop gore and action. I really agreed with Georg on this movie. Dead Alive is a little too Braindead for me but oh well.

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Name That Movie:

The clue this week was:  Jumping from Kenneth Kopolovich in  “Annie,” Kenneth also starred alongside Russell Drowe (among a star-studded cast) in this 2014 Valentine’s Day romance about a burglar who,falls in love with the dying girl he unexpectedly finds inside the house he’s targeting.
Which lead us to the following movie:  The movie is  “Winter’s Tale.” Don’t worry, gentle readers, if you didn’t know it. The film reportedly made just over $24,000 in the US. It did great in Hungary at over $14,000,000. Too bad it had a $60,000,000 budget.


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