Bad Taste kicks off our Peter Jackson Horror triple.  Best known for his Lord of The Rings work, Jackson started out doing horror films. What better way to kick off October than to cover horror films. So join Cory and John as they run from the flesh eating aliens.

Bad Taste:

The tiny New Zealand town of Kaihoro calls for help. The government does not send the army but, sends in The Boys. Frank (Mike Minett), Ozzy (Terry Potter), Barry (Pete O’Herne), and Derek (Peter Jackson). Barry and Derek have determined that the town has been taken over by aliens who look human.

A collector for BREAD (a relief agency) is on his way to town to pick up the collection.  Giles (Craig Smith) gets there and realizes something is not right.  He is chased off and followed by the alien Robert (played by Jackson).

Derek has fought off and killed 5 of the aliens but fallen off the cliff and Barry thinks he is dead.  Barry calls Ozzy and Frank in to help.  He has tracked the aliens to a big house near by.  Giles has been chased to the house and the Chef (who also looks like Robert and is also played by Jackson) knocks him out.  The aliens put him in a pot to marinade before they eat him. But will he leave a bad taste in their mouths?

The Boys see that they need to act because backup will not make it in time to save Giles.  So they suit up in commando gear.  Since the aliens are  a threat to the earth (or the moon) they are authorized to use violence.  Meanwhile, Derek has woken up.  The fall cracked his skull and he puts the brains that were knocked out back in and holds his head until he finds a hat to hold the skull shut.  He makes his way to the house.

The Boys sneak in and overhear Lord Crumb (played by Doug Wren but voiced by Peter Vere-Jones) spout his plan.  It turns out he is in charge of a galactic fast food chain that is getting beat by the competition. His solution is to take the human meat they harvested from the town and convince the authorities it is the next big thing. The Boys free Giles and wait until morning.  They get in an epic gun battle with the aliens.  Derek has his hat blown off as he arrives and part of his brains fall out.  He belts his skull back but has stepped on his brains.  He runs over an alien and takes out his chainsaw to go help The Boys.

They have fought their way out and caused Crumb and the aliens to take their true form.  One alien damages their car so they leave on foot.  Ozzy goes back and gets a bazooka from the trunk and blows up the car with 2 aliens in it.  Barry and Giles leave on foot and Frank goes back to help Ozzy.  Ozzy takes out a corner of the house with the 2nd round from the bazooka.  Then he and Frank head in to take out the leader.  They fight the aliens.  They are saved by Derek who has made it to the house but, they run from him because he’s mental.  The last bazooka round misses and passes through the house.  Crumb lunches the house (spaceship) and Frank and Ozzy escape.  Derek distracts Crumb and then dives through him with the chainsaw.  He is taking the ship to the home world to fight the aliens. The Boys reunite and head off to fight another day.


If you were expecting LOTR quality from this movie you were left with a bad taste in your mouth. But for a B-Movie it was funny and had some cool gags.  It is the type of movie you would see on MST3K, Elvira, or Billy Bob’s Action Theater (my NC peeps know about that one). The plot is silly, the fx are horrible, and the acting well let’s not go there.  But it did get Jackson on the road to LOTR so, we can be grateful for that.  So sit back and enjoy this B-Movie in all it’s gory fun.

Behind The Scenes:

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Name That Movie:

The clue this week was:  Starting from “The Frighteners,” starred Michal J. Fox. Michael also starred with Kenneth Kopolovicz in this 2014 remake of a classic musical about an orphan girl and her unlikely benefactor.
Which lead us to the following movie:  The movie is  “Annie.”


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