Wet Hot American Summer has spawned a prequel and sequel series. Camp Firewood is closing out its’ Summer and everyone it trying to make it memorable. So it seems fitting to close out our summer camp comedies here too. So join Cory and John as they head back to camp and back to the 80’s for this movie.

Wet Hot American Summer:

The end of camp forces people to make moves and take chances.  This American Summer camp has some desperate counselors who are not ready to go back to the real world. Coop (Michael Showalter) is in love with the hot girl, Katie (Marguerite Moreau). But she has a boyfriend, Andy (Paul Rudd), who treats her like crap and even cheats on her with Lindsay (Elizabeth Banks).  So being that it is the last day of camp, Coop goes for it and makes out with Katie and they even get together at the end of the night.  But the next day, breaking all conventions, she breaks up with him to be with Andy

Victor (Ken Marino) plays like he is a ladies man to his friend Neil (Joe Lo Truglio), but he has never been with one.  When Abby (Marisa Ryan) says she wants him that is it.  He dumps the campers and Neil off at the river and makes his way back to camp to find that Abby has moved on, and on, and on

J.J. (Zak Orth) and Gary (A.D. Miles) want to get their buddy McKinley (Michael Ian Black) a girl. Little do they realize he and Ben (Bradley Cooper) are a couple. They storm into the mess hall and call McKinley and Ben out. You think they are going to rip them to shreds but they are their with a gift for the couple.

Camp director, Beth (Janeane Garofalo), has noticed the new neighbor Henry (David Hyde Pierce) and enlists Katie and other to help her.  She gets a new hair do and then researches his field of astrophysics.  He is in awe of her and researches camp directors to get to know her better.  Henry even takes in the camp nerds and together they help track and move a piece of Skylab so it won’t hit the campers. Beth & Henry get their happily ever after.

Gail (Molly Shannon) is the unlucky in love arts and crafts counselor.  In a total roll reversal, her campers comfort and counsel her to stand up for herself and push away from her ex-husband.  One boy in particular, Aaron, becomes the adult in the relationship and helps her succeed.

Susie (Amy Polar) and Ben have been working with the campers on the end of year talent show. Susie recruits campers to do a number from Godspell. She is constantly tearing them down and badmouthing them.  But their performance at the show is wonderful and everyone loves it until the end when they boo (for no reason).

McKinley has been talking with our narrator a.k.a. camp radio DJ Arty (Liam Norton).  Arty needs a shower but he refuses.  The counselors finally take him and force him into one.  We think Arty has found his place in the camp as DJ. That is until we see none of his equipment is hooked up.

Finally Vietnam vet Gene (Christopher Meloni) is the angry cook.  He lords over the kitchen and staff.  But at the end of every conversation he slips in a comment about his sexual issues.  Finally the talking can of mixed vegetables (Jon Benjamin) tells him to be himself.  He comes out to the camp and the celebrate his weirdness.


Michael Showalter and David Wain worked together to create this spin on the American Summer camp movie. They assembled a great cast of comedians who were at the start of their careers. You can tell they had a great time with the movie because most came back for the two Netflix series. This movie is set over one day but, time like most things in the movie, is turned on its’ ear.  This movie takes every camp movie convention and upends it and does the opposite.  Campers drowning, campers being the adult and counselors being childish, and the end of summer game with the rival camp blown off are just a few of the conventions overturned.  I think the way they did it is why we have two follow up Wet Hot American Summer series.  It is funny in a tongue in cheek way and very crass at times. But it gave a showcase to these actors and helped them grow.

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The movie score was done by Theodore Shapiro and Craig Wedren. The theme song for the movie soundtrack is “Jane” by Jefferson Starship.

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Name That Movie:

The clue this week was:  Continuing  from “Back To The Future,” starred Michal J. Fox. Michael went on to star in this horror/comedy filmed in New Zealand.
Which lead us to the following movie:  The movie is  “The Frighteners.”
Next Triple: The next TripleCast theme is “Peter Jackson Horror”, we’ll be discussing “Bad Taste,” “Dead Alive” (also known as Braindead) and “The Frighteners.”


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