Heavyweights takes us to Camp Hope, a “fat camp.” The campers are told they are going to a fancy camp but find out their camp is led by a crazy fitness guy and is a pit.  Join Cory and John as they take the bus to the second of our Summer Camp Comedies Triple.


Gerry (Aaron Schwartz) comes home from his last day of school to find out that his parents are sending him to Camp Hope for the summer.  The promo video played by Roger (Tim Blake Nelson) has him interested due to The Blob and go-karts. But soon he realizes he is being sent to a fat camp.  On the flight there he meets Roy (Kenan Thompson) a fellow camper who assures Gerry he will have a good time.

The Campers are met at the airport by former camper turned counselor Pat (Tom McGowan). They all have a blast on the ride to the camp. Gerry is in Pat’s cabin with a good group of boys.  They all unpack and stash the food they snuck in. The camp has a new nurse, Julie (Leah Lail) and Pat is in love but stumbles to show it.  All things a well until the camp owners, The Bushkin’s (Jerry Stiller & Anne Meara) announce they had to sell the camp.  The new owner is Tony Perkis, Jr. (Ben Still).  He is turning the whole summer into a infomercial for his weight loss system.

His staff puncture The Blob and tear up the go-karts.  They change the food and force the kids to exercise.  Tony discovers their stash of food and Josh (Shaun Weiss), the coolest camper, makes fun of Tony.  Tony kicks him out of camp.  Pat and Tim (Paul Feig) are demoted to working clean up staff and the boys are miserable.  Tony organizes at dance with a girl’s camp to humiliate the campers to loosing weight.  But Tim, Pat and Julie start dancing and get the guys to join in.  They then ask girls to dance.  Everyone is having a good time and then Tony shuts it all down.

They boys sneak into Tony’s cabin and find he has kept all their letters home, where they complained about the camp. But they find out someone is sneaking them food.  Tony is horrified, on video, that they are gaining weight not loosing it.  He takes the boys on a hike and goes crazy.  Josh is back by this time and he and Gerry come up with a plan.  They capture Tony and lock him up.  The counselors are at the same time trying to figure out a plan to expose Tony but with no luck.  The boys share that they have capture Tony and everyone parties.  After the party Pat steps up with Julie’s help and gets the guys motivated.  They fix up the camp and begin working out for themselves.

Parent’s day arrives and everyone is having a good time.  Pat shows the parents the videos of what Tony has done to the kids over the summer.  They are shocked.  Tony has broken free arrives to challenge the video.  The parents see how crazy he is and call his dad.  Tony Sr. takes away his son.  Gerry and the kids beg him to keep the camp open and Pat agrees to run it. They may still be heavyweights but are motivated to change.

Camp Hope trains for the end of summer Apache Relay Games with Camp MVP (who beat them in everything all summer long). They fight back against MVP’s vandalism.  The Games start and MVP pulls out in the lead, but the knowledge portion slows them down and Hope pulls even.  In the end it is down to a Go-Kart race with Gerry driving for Camp Hope.  Gerry wins and the campers celebrate.


I had never seen Heavyweights before. But it was a fun ride.  It was filmed in my and John’s state, North Carolina, and some of the actors were from here.  It was your typical Disney comedy for the era and drew heavily on “Meatballs” format or camper and counselor connection and inter-camp competition. Ben Stiller was over the top, but he had to be for the roll.  Heavyweights was a fun ride, nothing too original but, fun never the less.  OK campers the bus is loading up and headed to our final camp destination of the summer, Camp Firewood. So don’t be late!

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