Animal House pits Delta House against the college dean and the rest of the school. Chaos and classic quotes ensue. Join Cory, John, and GSM founder Darrell Darnell as they quote their way through the podcast. “A PODCAST PIN?!?! On your UNIFORM?!! Just tell me, mister, what podcast would pledge a man like you? It’s a Triplecast pin sir!”

Animal House:

Flounder (Stephen Furst) and Pinto (Tom Hulce) strike out at Omega House but get in at Delta House, the worst frat on campus.  They are guided by Bluto (John Belushi), Otter (Tim Matheson), and Boon (Peter Riegert) into college life and frat life.  But Dean Wormer is out to get the Delta’s off campus.  He enlists Greg (James Daughton) and the other Omegas to help.  They punish, talk down to, and thwart the Deltas at ever turn.

Instead of buckling down in their academics and social life, the Delta’s choose to party.  They throw a raging Toga party that ends up getting them in more trouble and even more in hack, because Otter made out with the Dean’s wife. They as a frat were on double secret probation and got caught.  Every think is taken from them.  So Otter, Boon, Flounder and Pinto take a road trip to a women’s college and scam dates. But when they go to an all African-American Bar they run into major trouble.

Chip (Kevin Bacon) and Neidermeyer (Mark Metcalf) are in the ROTC and they make Flounder & Pinto’s life hard.  Babs (Martha Smith) finds Greg dreamy so she uses her skills to convince him that his girl Mandy (Mary Louise Weller) is going out with Otter.  Greg and the ROTC boys beat up Otter. Boon is not fairing better his girl Katy (Karen Allen) ditched him to sleep with Professor Jennings (Donald Southernland). Faced with expulsion they decide to get revenge.

They are going to ruin the homecoming parade. The Deltas create a deathmachine out of Flounder’s car and hide it in a parade float.  They lead the band into an alley, destroy the other floats, take out the ROTC and destroy the viewing stand.  The Dean is in hock to the Mayor and this seals his fate.  The closing scenes show what became of each of the main characters.  The Delta’s all became successful and the Omegas failed in life.


“Animal House” is a wild and ruckus look at college life. John Landis directing and Harold Ramis’ writing here kicked off the National Lampoon movie series and it helped bring to two of them credit in the movie world.  John Belushi’s role in Animal House and SNL helped his rise and unfortunately his fall. It is interesting to contrast his roll here with “Blues Brothers,” but it makes you wish the lifestyle had not gotten him.  While “Animal House” was a fun ride it was not my favorite out of the triple. But it clearly deserved a spot for the quotes it offers. It is easy to see that this movie was the predecessor for so many college based movies that followed and copied it’s style. Many thanks to Darrell Darnell for co-hosting this round.  He started Triplecast and was great to have him back.  You can catch him and his daughter, Addi with The Stranger Things Podcast and with Chip covering X-Files with We Still Believe.

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Name That Movie:

The clue this week was:  Continuing from “The Cable Guy” it was directed and co-starred Ben Stiller. Ben also starred in this 1995 film set in a summer camp.
Which lead us to the following movie:  The movie is  “Heavyweights.”
The next triple:  The theme is “Summer Camp Comedies.” We’ll be discussing “Meatballs,””Heavyweights,” and “Wet Hot American Summer.”


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