Casablanca is an award winning film that has some great quotes. Bogart and Bergman are star crossed lovers who find themselves fighting the past and the Nazi’s. Journey with Cory, John and guest host Geoff to North Africa as they seek to escape the Nazi’s and make it to freedom in the new world.


The world is a war and France is under Nazi control.  People from France and all over occupied Europe make their way to Casablanca.  There they hope to make passage to the new world, but many end up stuck in limbo. They are running from their past and trying to survive.

Rick, Humphrey Bogart, is an institution in Casablanca. Everyone comes to Rick’s for entertainment, gambling, booze, and to make work out ways to escape. He has assembled a group of people running from their pasts and the war.  That includes the piano man/band leader Sam, Dooley Wilson.  Sam knows much of Rick’s past and seeks to help and protect him. The Prefect of Police is Louis Renault, Claude Rains, he too is a man running from the past and making the life in Casablanca work for him.  He controls the visas for passage out of town.  People will do ANYTHING to get out and Renault uses that to his advantage when it comes to lovely ladies. Rick and Renault have an agreement that Renault wins at roulette and Rick gets to slide under the police radar.

Things are going along as usual until two people come to town and change everything. Victor Lazlo, Paul Henreid, and his wife Ilsa, Ingrid Bergman, are on the run from the Nazi’s. Victor is a resistance leader who has been fowling up the Nazi’s work all over Europe.  He has escaped from them several times and even from a concentration camp. Major Strasser, Conrad Veidt, has flown in to deal with Victor.  Victor and Strasser’s entrance into Casablanca is throwing Renault’s life out joint and causing him to have to make stands he does not like. Rick’s world is thrown upside down because of Ilsa. “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.” Rick and Ilsa met and fell in love in Paris. Her showing up has caused his world to crash.

Rick & Ilsa meet and fell in love in fast.  They didn’t talk about their pasts. They both wanted a fresh start. Sam was there to witness it all.  Paris may be for lovers, but Nazi’s ruin everything.  Rick is a wanted man due to helping rebells and running guns. Ilsa knows they have to leave or he will be in danger.  They make plans to leave and get married but something is wrong with Ilsa.  She leaves Rick with a letter at the train station crushing him.  He and Sam run off to Casablanca, but he is a changed man.  Ilsa thought her husband was dead and had moved on to love with Rick, but it turns out that Victor was alive and needed her help. She had to give up new love for old.

Renault has always said that Rick had a selfish shell but a sentimental heart. It is true. Rick knows that Ilsa will come running to him and he is not ready.  You see Ugarte, Peter Lorre, left transit papers (unquestionable passes to leave & travel) with Rick before he was captured and killed.  Rick knows that they are the only way Victor and Ilsa can get out from Strasser and the Nazi’s.  Sam does his best to keep the two apart but “As Time Goes By” in song brings them together. Victor quickly learns that their only way out is through Rick.  He learns of Rick & Ilsa’s past but loves her enough to forgive her and even let her go if needs be.

Rick agrees to get Victor out for Ilsa.  He however sells his bar, arranges for his friends to have work, talks with Renault to get Victor arrested and to leave with Ilsa using the papers. Renault sets up the sting but Rick turns the tables.  He is sending Victor and Ilsa out with the papers. Ilsa is surprised. But he gives her this famous speech.

“Inside of us, we both know you belong with Victor. You’re part of his work, the thing that keeps him going. If that plane leaves the ground and you’re not with him, you’ll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life.”

Victor and Ilsa escape.  Rick is forced to kill Strasser to protect them. Renault is faced with a decision. He can have his friend Rick arrested or suffer the consequences.  He tells his men to “round up the usual suspects.” Rick and Renault are going to leave together and join the resistance. The movie closes with them walking into the fog with another great quotable line. “Louis, I think this is the begining of a beautiful friendship.”


It was a great pleasure to come on the podcast and talk about Casablanca.  Bogart is one of my favorite actors and this movie had a great cast.  Each person breathed life into their character.  The cinematography was outstanding.  For a movie in black and white, it painted a beautiful picture with depth and reality.  The story is about one man who has broken out of his hiding and selfishness to become passionate and a fighter.  Rick does what is best for everyone and makes the hard decisions.  In the end he doesn’t get the girl, he has given up his business, and forced out of his way of life.  But he has a blooming friendship with Louis and a desire to fight the Nazi’s. The movie is great for so many reasons and it might not be as quotable as “The Princess Bride,” but it is worthy of your time so go watch it! Thanks go out to John and Cory for allowing me, Geoff Gentry, to guest on the show.  You can find me on the Gotham Undercover podcast and of course here writing the blog posts for Triplecast.

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