Nemo, have you seen Nemo?  Cory & John dive into early Pixar with Finding Nemo.  This film is a favorite of kids and adults alike.  It even got a shout out in LOST.  So let’s just keep swimming!

Nemo is Lost:

Nemo (Alexander Gould) is pushing the limits trying to prove himself and his dad, Marlin (Albert Brooks), is trying to protect him.  He journeys out to the drop and out to a boat.  He is captured by a dentist and whisked off to Sydney Australia.  Marlin braves the open ocean on his quest to find him.  Along the way he meets Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) a fish with a huge heart and a short memory span.

Dory & Marlin make their journey across the ocean.  They encounter Bruce the shark and his friends who proclaim fish are friends, not food.  After a narrow escaping them and the deep.  They find Nemo’s captor’s goggles and head towards Sydney.  They encounter jelly fish and are rescued by Crush the turtle and his friends.  They help them catch the EAC and arrive, after a whale of a detour, in Sydney.

Nemo the Captive:

Nemo has been placed in a Dr. Sherman’s dentist office aquarium.  There he is taken in by Gill, Bloat, Peach, Bubbles, Deb and Jaques.  Their daily drama is critiquing Dr. Sherman’s use of instruments and living in dread of his niece Darla.  They realize that she is coming and concoct a plan to escape.  They use Nemo’s small size to clog up the filter so they can escape.  But Sherman is a step ahead and installs a new filter.  Darla arrives and Nemo makes his escape via the drain to the sea.

Marlin & Dory with the help Nigel the pelican gets to the office but arrive Nemo has gone down the drain.  Dejected, thinking Nemo is dead, Marlin leaves Dory.  Dory connects with Nemo and they try to get back to Marlin.  A fishing net captures Marlin, but Nemo talks him and the other fish to swim downward and break the net.  In the end, they are all reunited and head back to the reef to begin a new life together.

Swimming to Success:

This movie made 94 million dollars and for many years was the best selling DVD world wide.  Pixar stretched their animation skills making vibrant water, beautiful fish and so much more.  For many folks this was their favorite Pixar movie. So much that people clamored for a sequel.  Finding Dory came out in 2016 which has made around 200 million dollars.  Each Pixar movie builds on the next and challenges animation to new levels.  The result is all animated movies are growing in quality and they speak to adults and children alike.


Beyond The Sea by Bobby Darin:

The score was done by Thomas Newman:

You can buy the soundtrack here

Name That Movie:

The clue this week was: We finished last week with Christmas with the Kranks with Jamie Lee Curtis. Jamie also stared alongside her mother in this John Carpenter directed film
Which lead us to the following movie: The movie was The Fog.


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