The Last Jedi is the mid-point of this trilogy. People were wondering if we would get a rehash of Empire. It looks like the director and writers listened to the fears and took us to new places.

The Last Jedi:

The Last Jedi took us in bold directions. It seemed to say “You don’t want a rehash of Empire? Good, but are you ready for something new?” Going in, I was ready for the ride. We got to see the hard consequences of war. Heroes died to keep the cause going. Family bonds were tested and broken and so much more.

Yes, Luke may have been the last Jedi for a long time. But we are in a new age and with this film, we get a bigger picture of the Force. His failings helped to create Kylo Ren from Ben Solo. But his failures also helped Rey continue as a more balanced user of the Force. Luke and Snoke represented the last of the old order on each side. Now Kylo and Rey are the next generation and something more than their predecessors. They are powerful, connected, and taking the universe in a new direction. Snoke was struck down by them. Luke surrendered his life to the Force, after making sure his sister and successor escaped. Now the new generation of Force users must pave their own ways.

While Rey was on her mission, Poe and Finn were working hard to help the Rebellion escape the Empire. Poe bucked against Leia & Holdo’s authority and it cost lives. But he was not ready to give it all up. He aided Finn, Rose & BB-8’s  mission to find a master coder. They had an adventure to get DJ, get on the ship and get to the tracking device. They then found themselves betrayed and captured. In then end it was Holdo’s bold move that saved them and bought the Rebellion some time. With the forces of the Rebellion trapped and about to make a last stand, it comes down to love and the Force. Finn is saved by Rose saying, the Rebellion is won by fighting for those we love. Luke helps distract the First Order & Kylo and Rey rescues the spark of the Rebellion.


Closing Thoughts:

The Last Jedi had it’s uneven spots, but for me it was an overall win. The ride was a great one. I like the challenges and the new directions. This movie can move us forward in ways we could not have seen before. It was bold in that way. True fans don’t want a remake of past movies. They want the universe to move forward in ways that are exciting and challenging. I feel this is what The Last Jedi is and I’m content. I left the theater excited and wanting to see it again. I loved being in the packed theater and sharing the silence of Holdo’s sacrifice and Luke merging with the Force. I loved cheering with them as Snoke died and Rey moved a landslide. How do I know the Star Wars universe is OK? Because the true fans shared in the experience in the theater tonight and are ready for more.

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The soundtrack was done artfully by John Williams! It is always a treat to hear his work in the Star Wars universe. This soundtrack is beautiful and moving. Williams bridges the movies with his work and you can hear that in the excellent “Peace and Purpose.”

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