Justice League was a call to “Unite The League” and that’s just what it  did for us at Golden Spiral Media. Triplecast, Arrow Squad, Central City Underground and Gotham Undercover hosts came together to give our thoughts. After Triplecast’s “Road to Justice League” triple it was only fitting that we talked about the movie. So pull a seat up to the table and join us!

Justice League:

To review this movie we brought together the skills and talents of the following group:

Cory Metcalfe – “Ozlight” Triplecast & Rewatch Podcast
John McGrail – “The Substitute” of Triplecast (as well as Gotham Undercover & Maid of Steel when we need him)
Martin Donison – “The Flash” of Arrow Squad and Tomorrow’s Legends
Jada Wilkerson – “Story’s Voice” of Central City Underground
Geoff Gentry – “xforce11” of Gotham Undercover

We had a blast recording this and it was great to get everyone’s perspective on the story. So enjoy!

Closing Thoughts:

While the Justice League has it’s flaws, most of us feel like it is another step in the right directions for the DC Extended Universe. Each of the characters got their moment to shine and felt true to the comic. Yes the box office performance is troubling, but I think if people go into it ready for a fun ride they will get it.  DC cannot copy Marvel’s plans and succeed, but they can strive to make a working universe and forge their own path. I think they are trying to do this. I for one will be buying the movie when it comes out to purchase.

Add It To Your Library:

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Danny Elfman did the soundtrack to the film. While he brought back classic elements of Batman, Superman and previous work; he also brought in some of the themes from the three movies that lead up to the film. Maybe not as much as some would have liked, but when you are dealing with multiple composers it is hard. Take a listen to “Everybody Knows” by Sigrid from the album.

You can buy the soundtrack from Amazon or on iTunes.

Coming soon:

Stay tuned for Cory and John’s thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Coming in 2018:

Next Triple:  Our first Triple of 2018 we’re going back to the mid 80’s and Breakout Eddie Murphy. We’ll be looking at “The Golden Child,” “Trading Places,” and “Beverly Hills Cop.” John is also excited to announce that GSM’s own Scarlett Cougar, Karen Lindsay, will be co-hosting this full Triple as Cory is taking a well earned vacation.


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