As is always the case, we received some fantastic listener feedback from our Nachos this week as they joined us in our conversation about this stellar episode of Debris! We received a mixture this week of written and audio feedback from both some of our regular contributors as well as a few new names, including Jack, John (also known as TheSilverVox), Bradley, Emily (also known as Soggy Nacho), Geoff, Patty from Canadia, Kome, and Brian (also known as Brain or Zeppelin Driver). We also received some great thoughts from Nachos via Facebook and Twitter. Great insight such as the potential meaning behind the title of the episode, the fact that Kurt likely had a military background, why Bryan is injecting himself with a mysterious substance, and so much more are all discussed in this listener feedback episode, and you won’t want to miss it! Be sure to connect with us so that you, too, can be featured in a listener feedback episode!

At this point, do you trust Ferris?

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